This 47-year-old Fitzpatrick Type 3 female has a 30 year history of acne and acne excoriee. She presented with 16 active lesions including erythema tours papules and crusted pickets marks. She was started on 5% Benzoyl Peroxide Face & Body Wash, AHA Clarifier, and Green Tea Antioxidant Serum twice a day.

The before and photos are taken 12 weeks apart.

Noted improvements:

  • Lessened breakouts

  • Smoother skin texture

  • Lessened redness

    • *Results May Vary For Each User

This 28-year-old Fitzpatrick Type 4 female presented with a 7-year history of acne, enlarged pores, red blotches and acne scars. She was initially placed on Minocycline, 100 mg. by mouth twice a day. The before photo is after 2 months on oral medication. Patient was taken off all prescriptions on the day of the before photo and started on Acne Regimen 1 as well as glycolic peels.


The after photo is taken after 16 weeks and a total of 8 glycolic peels.

  • Results May Vary For Each User

This 60-year-old fair-skinned female presented with a more than 40 year smoking and chronic UV exposure history. Her main complaint was photodamage, most especially uneven pigment and fine lines and wrinkles.

On physical exam, moderate photodamage was noted, and there was a visible line of demarcation in the preauricular area where the patients hairdo shielded her face from sun.


The before photo was taken before treatment and the after photo was taken 3 weeks after treatment.

Noted improvements:

  • Improved skin brightness and evening of tone

  • Improvement in texture

    • *Results May Vary For Each User

This 52-year-old Fitzpatrick Type 2 female has a more than 40 pack year history of tobacco use, and presented with chief complaints of wrinkling, loss of firmness and crow’s feet. She was already accustomed to a regimen comprised of Chamomile Cleanser, Vita Soothe, and Ultra Firming Marine at the time of taking the before photo. She was then started on C-Stem® twice a day.

The before and after photos are taken 12 weeks apart.

Noted improvements:

  • Increased skin firmness

  • Lessening in appearance of wrinkles

  • Lessening in crow's feet

    • *Results May Vary For Each User

The Results

The Feedback

I've suffered from dark sun spots and breakouts on and off for several years.  I was introduced to Ashley Juhl Skin Care and started to see a difference right away.  Within three weeks, my friends were asking me what I was doing and complimenting me on my skin.  I notice the spots are starting to go away and my skin is very smooth.  I have tried many product lines before and my personal opinion is that the Ashley Juhl Products have worked the best for my needs.  

                                                                --S Young